Dominque Strauss Kahn caught in “eyes wide shut” style scandal


Dominque Strauss Kahn caught in “eyes wide shut” style scandal

The former head of the IMF has been implicated in engaging in sex orgies.  One can only imagine what kind of other high profile people were involved.

“In essence, Strauss-Kahn is making an Eyes Wide Shut defense. The 1999 Stanley Kubrick film attempted to link power and sex, high-class social rituals and eroticism. This was eroticism as might exist in the minds of fashion-conscious social climbers: wealthy people going to elegant dinners and having sex with each other, in masks.”


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Orzsag Condemns Democratic Process

Orzsag Condemns Democratic Process


Bilderberg attendee Orzsag thinks that policy makers should abandon the democratic process in favor of a system similar to the private owned currency cartel known as the federal reserve.  It seems that the public is again left out of public discourse.


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We Are Change Confronts Charlie Rose

When confronted with questions about bilderberg Charlie responds that it is a “learning experience”. What he is learning and who he is learning it from is another story.

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Soros Makes Bold Claim as Expected

When I am right, I am right.  As I predicted George Soros has become the front man to push for a world currency.  A few years ago he seemed to warn of a decline in the US dollar, this time in a huffington post article he is predicting a division of the eurozone.
I think the problem with these people is that “austerity measures” are just a number on a balance sheet, yet the international bankers fail to see the human impact it has on peoples standard of living and life savings.  To these people our savings accounts are just targets for looting and gambling.  And it seems this time Soros is calling for another Keynes stimulus which <b>has not</b> stopped the job losses or decline in living standards, but surprise surprise! corporate profits are higher than ever!
The international community is speaking out of both sides of their mouth.  Half of them call for budget cuts to stop the debt so the west doesn’t become bankrupt, the other half want more stimulus and command economy nationalizations.  Soros may be one of the richest men on the planet, but he is not the smartest when it comes to politics.  Even economics, which is built often on mathematic principles and sustainability is often at odds with the investing world of wall street and london.  To investors creating bubbles is great because it makes them rich.  In a pavlovian sense, there is no reason for them to stop since there is no incentive for them to stop.
Keep in mind that Soros is a globalist, he does not have the best interests of the US or even the west in mind.

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World Economic Forum 2011 starts this week

This week the global elite will be meeting in Switzerland to discuss plans for global governance.  This meeting is similar to Bilderberg except it is an “open” forum.  Usually you will hear such billionaires as George Soros calling for new global currencies, or maybe new geopolitical agendas being discussed in areas of global terrorism or the environment.

We will see how the latest round of quantitative easing by the federal reserve affects global oil and food prices.

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Bilderberg 2010

Bilderberg 2010 has wrapped up in Spain.  I will soon be posting links to the full list of attendees and other articles featuring Bilderberg.   There have been a few surprises this year, with mainstream UK newspaper The Guardian covering Bilderberg this year and rumors of some Bilderberg members not attending for fear of too much coverage.

New inductee into the Bilderberg club, Bill Gates, has made a flurry of speeches and interviews trying to push global growth strategies sponsored by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  This is the first time I am aware of his presence at Bilderberg, in the few years that I have been following it.

We are change confronted Gates about his strategies for global growth the video is posted on youtube:

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Goldman’s Blankfein Was Not Exactly Surprised the Economy Collapsed

Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs was recently interviewed by Fareed Zakaria on CNN.   Goldman has recently been implicated in fraud for short selling investments that were made to look like they were a good investment, but in reality were a “shitty deal”  according to internal Goldman emails.  Investment firms such as Goldman were instrumental to inflating the housing bubble which led to an irrational exuberance and hence, the collapse of credit markets and economic growth.  Here are the statements made by Blankfien,

Zakaria:  When Lehman Brothers was teetering on the brink, did you think this was a seismic moment?

Blankfein:  I think, um, no one could have contemplated the consequences of the Lehman event itself but also the events leading up to it, in terms of the intensity and the duration.

Z:  So you were surprised?

B:  I, in… in hindsight, as i look back, I could say I could not have thought it would have gone this far.  Yes.

Notice that while he says yes,  he also says that he “could not have though it would have gone this far.”  He does not say that he was surprised outright, or that he had no idea what was going on.  One can assume he knew what was going on, only that it “would not have gone this far.”  As the CEO of the most trusted firms on Wall Street, how could he not have known that speculation was leading to a bubble poised for collapse?  Going further, what does it say about Goldman Sachs as a company when they were massively hedged against the housing market; that they stood to gain from the collapse of the housing market in a move that has been termed “the big short”?

This sort of behavior illustrates the insider aspect that Wall Street elites have over the average investor, and that failures to asses risk can lead to unwanted repercussions such as the Great Recession.

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