Soros Makes Bold Claim as Expected

When I am right, I am right.  As I predicted George Soros has become the front man to push for a world currency.  A few years ago he seemed to warn of a decline in the US dollar, this time in a huffington post article he is predicting a division of the eurozone.
I think the problem with these people is that “austerity measures” are just a number on a balance sheet, yet the international bankers fail to see the human impact it has on peoples standard of living and life savings.  To these people our savings accounts are just targets for looting and gambling.  And it seems this time Soros is calling for another Keynes stimulus which <b>has not</b> stopped the job losses or decline in living standards, but surprise surprise! corporate profits are higher than ever!
The international community is speaking out of both sides of their mouth.  Half of them call for budget cuts to stop the debt so the west doesn’t become bankrupt, the other half want more stimulus and command economy nationalizations.  Soros may be one of the richest men on the planet, but he is not the smartest when it comes to politics.  Even economics, which is built often on mathematic principles and sustainability is often at odds with the investing world of wall street and london.  To investors creating bubbles is great because it makes them rich.  In a pavlovian sense, there is no reason for them to stop since there is no incentive for them to stop.
Keep in mind that Soros is a globalist, he does not have the best interests of the US or even the west in mind.


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