bilderberg 2018 in Italy

well its a new era… after the trump election and the death of david rockefeller the bilderberg may be losing power im curious to see if trump crashes the chatham house ruled party.


insha Allah

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President Elect Trump meets Bilderberg Leader Kissinger

Trump has been hailed by the alt-right as their last hope against the so called New World Order. Long time libertarian advocate against groups such as bilderberg Alex Jones of fame has thrown complete support behind Trump. 
But it looks like the right has been betrayed yet again and Trump meeting with Henry Kissinger is not a good sign. 
Alex Jones who once was a self declared libertarian is now a “nationalist “. It’s this jingoism that led to the third Reich and endless wars across the political and religious spectrum. We are now becoming more and more like the supporters of terror across the middle of east. Terror weather Christian American or Islamic is still terror and we must break the cycle before we open up debates on “which country to bomb next” as Michael Moore has stated. 
I do think the government will be shaken up, the reaganite republicans and the Rockefeller democrats will be replaced by a new New York based capitalism on steroids. I foresee a new Cold War with china and more middle eastern wars. 

We are witnessing a Putinization of American politics and a potential Balkanization of the world. 

Expect blood. 
Here’s proof if trump meeting with Kissinger

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Hello From the Illuminati occupied territory 

The secret chiefs of the Illuminati have contacted me and told me to keep my mouth shut. 
Since I value my life and reputation Ive decided to comply. 
The dude abides… Salaam!

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Rockefeller and Rothschilds Join Forces

Behind the scenes the Rothschild dynasty has been pulling strings in the UK with their Rockefeller counterparts pulling strings in the US.  David Rockefeller is a regular at Bilderberg.  Some of the organizations associated or funded by the Rockefellers include,

-the Council on Foreign Relations

-the Rockefeller foundation

-the Trilateral Commission

-the Asia Society

-the Population Council

-the Brookings Institution

-the Peterson Institute

-Rockefeller University

-Rockefeller Center

-the Council of the Americas

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Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory On Bilderberg

Conspiracy Theory TV Show Exposes Bilderberg

This video is a bit sensationalist, Im still a bit skeptical on the whole FEMA camp theory.  Still, I think its a good thing that bilderberg has been exposed for everyone on cable TV.

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Private Equity Managers and Bilderberg

It seems that a major group of attendees, especially from the US are from a private equity banking background.  These secretive banking groups manage trillions of dollars backed by the most wealthy individuals.  Even 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney has a background in private equity, co-founding Bain Capital.

Here is a short list of bilderberg members who come from private equity background.

2012 Meeting

Roger Altman – Evercore Partners

Timothy Collins – Ripplewood Holdings LLC

James Johnson – Perseus LLC

Henry Kravis , Kenneth Mehlman – Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co

Peter Thiel – Thiel Capital

James Wolfensohn – Wolfensohn & Company

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Rockefeller on Bilderberg Internet Security

A topic that has been discussed at Bilderberg is internet security.  According to the CFR, new cyber weapons can be used against our enemies similar to the suxtnet virus used against the iranian nuclear weapons program.  Watch Senator Rockefeller from the famous oil dynasty say that he wishes the internet “never had been invented”.   He says he discussed the subject at an “undisclosed location”.  There can be no doubt he was talking about bilderberg.



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